The Lineage- Sitar Recital by Prof. A. V. Raja, proved to be an able presentation of the Maihar Gharana, founded by Baba Allauddin Khan, the multi-instrumentalist, composer and one of the most renowned music teachers of the 20th century in Indian classical music. The concert was organised on July 31, 2014 under the aegis of the Campus Concert Series at the University of Hyderabad (UoH); there couldn’t be a better start of the series for the new academic year.


Raja presented the raga Shree composition in Rupak taal, raga Kirwani composition in Teen taal and raga Hamir composition in Teen taal. The mesmerising performance was able to captivate music lovers for more than 90 minutes. The audience was spell-bound and fully engrossed in the divine performance and presented their appreciation, joy and satisfaction with thunderous applause at the end of the concert.

Raja feels privileged to learn, create and perform in the aura of his Guru Smt. Annapurna Devi, the daughter of the great Ustad Allauddin Khan. Her training has imparted golden touch to Raja’s music and has earned him the reputation of being a sitarist who never plays to the gallery. He also has privilege of being a Professor of Economics at the UoH and at the same time being recognised as a musician of high caliber.

Sanket Vaddlamani, Raja’s disciple accompanied him on Sitar who has devoted himself to learn the Gharana’s intricacies. Sanket’s accompaniment in the concert presented an age old tradition wherein the Guru introduces the shishya to performing on stage. Shri Murali Panduga accompanied the artistes on Tabala.


The concert was very well attended by students, faculty members, staff and guests from other parts of the twin-cities. Many of the newly joined students at the UoH found it a very unique experience as it was first time they got exposed to such art form by a great maestro. The Lineage was successful in evoking subtle human elements and energising listeners to proceed on an inspiring and fulfilling journey ahead.

By Kumar Ashish, Research Scholar, School of Economics, UoH Email: