School of Medical Sciences organised Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row Memorial lecture on 19th August 2016 at University of Hyderabad (UoH). Dr. Giriraj Ratan Chandak, former Director CDFD, and presently Project leader at CCMB Hyderabad delivered the lecture as part of annual lecture series. Dr. G R Chandak is an eminent researcher and his research interests focus on understanding genetic basis of complex disorders of pancreas such as chronic pancreatitis, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus and associated intermediate traits such as obesity and Insulin resistance. Dr. G R Chandak spoke on ‘The obesity-diabetes association: what is different in Indians?’


The lecture began with garlanding the portrait of Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row. Prof. Appa Rao Podile, Vice- Chancellor welcomed the audience and Prof. Geetha K Vemugnati, Dean School of Medical Sciences spoke about Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row and his contributions.

Dr. G R Chandak mentioned about rapidly rising prevalence of Diabetes in India. He said, “India is today a capital of diabetes, as well as of malnutrition in children under the age of five. Indians get diabetes at a lower basal metabolic index (BMI) compared with Europeans and what is more, central obesity was more predictive of diabetes than generalized obesity”. He postulated that genetic susceptibility of Type 2 diabetes and associated intermediate traits such as obesity and insulin resistance may be differently regulated in Indians. Genes (TCF7L2, FTO) are indeed associated with Type 2 diabetes in Indians but the effect is independent of obesity. He observed that new-born Indian babies, who are thinner than European babies, have a higher body fat percentage and maternal vitamin B12 deficiency and high folate status program offspring adiposity and insulin resistance. He concluded that more research on this aspect is needed to explore scientific evidence to formulate public health interventions to prevent diabetes.


The guest speaker was introduced by Dr. Ajitha Katta, Associate Professor, and Dr. Anitha C T, Associate Professor gave the vote of thanks.

-By Dr. Ajitha Katta, Associate Professor, School of Medical Sciences