The digital art exhibition “The Pedagogical Clutch: Group Exhibition by the S N School Artists” Coordinated, Curated and Presented by Atiya Amjad, a Hyderabad-based curator, was part of the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2021.

The Pedagogical Clutch is a compilation of artworks produced by past and present students of Sarojini Naidu School of Fine Arts, University of Hyderabad. The exhibition reviews the role of art education in the making of the artists. The curatorial agenda is to understand the role of the SN School in nurturing and guiding the students. This show will examine the concepts, skills, styles, and ideologies adopted by the students. Although the students are traversing their individual trajectories, the School has played a huge role in moulding their thought processes, techniques, and articulations. Above all, this show is a tribute to the masters and students alike, who together weaved the history and legacy of the Sarojini Naidu School of Art and Communication.

Atiya Amjad is the Founder-Director of Daira Centre for Arts and Culture which she established in 2001. She is an art writer and curator, and has been contributing art columns since 1993. She has written exhibition catalogues for innumerable artists. In 1998, she was invited by the Alliance Française de Hyderabad to curate shows and promote Indo-French cultural relationships in Hyderabad. She also worked with the renowned painter, MF Husain at the Cinema Ghar, Hyderabad. Her vision for art received further curing when she worked at the Palo Alto Museum of Art, San Francisco, USA.

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