The night of 7th March 2017 ringed with the crisp dialogues and spectacular performances of amateur artists in the vicinity of the White rocks which enthralled the spectators and artists alike in this visual wonder. The theory of god, presented under the banner of Shape your Thought (SYT) club in CIS was presented by the students of CIS with the help from students of the SN School.


The play was the brainchild of Mr. Adith Sai, hailing from integrated Msc physics background, had done a wonderful job in coordinating the cast, set and of course the script. Under his guidance and the exceptionable work by his compatriots in setting up the stage and the props was not a simple task, but their hard work and perseverance paid, as they put an excellent job in furnishing the play to it’s spectacular display.


The artist who commanded the helm of the play was Mr. Adithyan, whose performance was a delight to watch. His portrayal of the protagonist is highly praiseworthy and had the makings of a great actor of the future. The supporting characters were done by Mr. Anu, Ms. Meenakshi, Mr. Vighnesh, Mr. Aravind performed their roles beautifully and complimented the portrayal of the protagonist.


The team of props management is the true heroes of this play, as the dialogue delivery, acting sequences etc. all depended upon the timings and the readiness of the the team. Kudos to the entire crew, and we expect more from you guys.