Psychosocial support: Things to do to Reinforce Positivity

  1. Distract yourself from the monotonous Covid-19 messages that cause distress
  2. Reward yourself for completing difficult tasks
  3. Manage your time and balance your responsibilities by creating to-do lists and prioritizing tasks
  4. Social distancing does not mean social isolation. Reach out virtually through communication devices and check in regularly with people you care about
  5. Make phone calls, video calls or send a text using social media
  6. In spite of physical distance, we can still connect with one another online in virtual spaces
  7. Write down what you can and cannot control
  8. Fear and anxiety are natural responses to the unknown. Journal your thoughts and see what are the things you can change and those you can’t
  9. Practise personal self-care in a mindful, compassionate way
  10. Be present in the moment
  11. Have a balanced diet, exercise and adequate sleep
  12. Follow relaxing activities like deep breathing that boost our immunity
  13. Meditation and yoga are invaluable tools that use controlled breathing
  14. Focus to help the younger or vulnerable students deal with their anxiety and confusion during this pandemic
  15. Remember the situations of complexity and crises that you faced earlier in life. You can face crisis similarly in the present too

Psychological Counselling Services at UOH:

In case of any need felt for psychological support, student may contact by email/ text/Whatsapp/call the following professional Psychological Counsellors

  • Hymavathi – 9515667087/040 2313 1002 (Female counsellor); Suite – 3


  • Subhash – 8008477643/ 040 2313 1003 (Male counsellor); Suite -4