The Toppers Talk series of ‘Nischaya’ continued its insightful journey on January 29, 2024, with a focus on “The Art of Answer Writing” for UPSC exams. This edition, in collaboration with UGC-HRDC, UoH, featured an interview-style event, providing aspirants with valuable insights into effective answer crafting strategies.

The event commenced with a warm welcome to the attendees, setting the tone for an enriching discussion. The guest speaker, Anudeep Durishetty, shared his expertise on the nuances of constructing well-rounded answers that resonate with the examination’s requirements.

Key Highlights:

  1. Strategic Approach: The interview delved into the strategic approach adopted by Anudeep Durishetty during his UPSC journey. Insights into time management, question prioritization, and tackling different sections were discussed.
  2. Answer Structure: Emphasis was placed on the importance of a structured answer and on the significance of clear introductions, logical development of content, and concise conclusions
  3. Q and A Round: The interactive session allowed attendees to actively participate, seeking clarification on specific doubts and garnering personalized advice.

  1. Exam-Specific Insights: The guest speaker shared specific insights into the demands of UPSC exams, highlighting areas that candidates often overlook. This segment aimed to equip aspirants with a holistic understanding of the examination pattern.
  2. Anecdotes from Field work – The speaker recited an inspiring anecdote from his time as District Magistrate. During the Kothagudem Godavari river flood, urgent relocation efforts were initiated due to the perilous situation. A distressing phone call from a lady trapped with elderly and children underscored the gravity of the predicament. Despite the fear in her voice, rescue operations faced challenges as NDRF operations were restricted at night. Consultations with irrigation authorities revealed the river at its peak level, posing a significant threat at 71.6 feet. As the water rose, concerns about the well-being of those affected intensified. Amidst the crisis, decisions had to be made promptly, even in the late hours of the night, contemplating the inherent risks involved. The delicate balance between decisive actions and potential pitfalls highlighted the daunting nature of such responsibilities. This scenario emphasized the critical role of preparedness, drawing parallels to exam preparation fostering mental resilience. Anudeep Durishetty’s insights at the toppers talk event underscored the importance of making sound decisions in challenging situations, where the satisfaction of overcoming adversity is found.

The event concluded with a note of encouragement from the guest speaker, and the faculty coordinator Dr Krishna Reddy Chittedi urging aspirants to approach the exam with confidence and a well-prepared mindset.  The students, further, got an opportunity to interact with the guest speaker and several them got their signed copy of ‘Fundamental of Essay and Answer Writing’ penned by Anudeep Durishetty. The event, earlier, had been moderated by Abhigyan Ranjan (Department of sociology) and Mithra Anand (School of Chemistry). The anchor for the events were Sampoorna Panigrahi (School of Life Sciences) and Anugraha (Department of Political science). The vote of thanks was delivered by Hadi Muhammad KK.