Prof. S. Sarat Jyothsna Rani, the former Dean, School of Humanities wrote a long poem on the Corona pandemic in Telugu. Dr. J.Bheemaiah, Centre for Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, has translated the poem into English titled “The Battle against the COVID-19” published by Yking Books, Jaipur, India

Prof. S.Sarat Jyothsna

About the Poem

It is a long poem like an epic that portrays the anguish and serious concern of the poet at the untimely deaths of several fellow human beings due to the coronavirus. This was a global phenomenon. There were no wars between countries to cause human loss, but the pandemic played havoc with all sections of society across the world. At one stage, the poet suspects that deterioration of human values could be attributable to this perilous situation where the invisible pandemic has stretched its fangs to bite humankind without mercy. The poet also expresses another possibility of environmental degradation and a lack of committed devotion to the local deities like Bathukamma, which would be the collective cause for the origin of the pandemic. She wishes for the welfare of humankind and leads fellow beings to step into the war against the COVID-19.

Though there was no warlike-situation, with endless grief and anguish, the helpless people fell down like birds. This vicious invisible germ spared none but huddled all sections of society. She expresses her apprehension that the virus might have targeted and punished the human beings who were indifferent towards fellow humans. This poem constitutes the poet’s feminine instincts such as sensitivity, shrewdness, and builds postulations on the Corona pandemic.

About the Poet

Prof. S.Sarat Jyothsna Rani former Dean, School of Humanities University of Hyderabad (UoH) and served as Head, the Department of Telugu, UoH. She is a creative writer and very popular in the field of Telugu literature. She received  26 awards which include Gruhalaxmi–Swarna Kankanam Award from Madras, BN literary Award 2010, Vishesha Puraskaram from Potti SriramuluTelugu University-2010, Andal Sahitya Award, New Delhi, Yuddanapudi Mahalakshmi Sahitya Award, Nanduri Anandamma Award, Koumudi Literary Award, Best Women Writer Award, from Potti Sriramulu Telugu University and Jeevitha Puraskaram. She has also served as a Film Censor Board Member. She has published 18 books to her credit. Some of them are Vendikereetam, Neeku-Nakunaduma-Kathala Samputi, Sahitya sowrabham, Valasakokila, Kavana Mandakini, Vennelacheppina Katha- Kathala Samputi and edited Gunturu Sheshendra Sarma- Sahityam- Samalochana.


“I affectionately dedicate this book to the front-line warriors- doctors,   sanitation workers, and police for striving day and night to drive away the Coronavirus that shook the whole world, and also to all the humanists who supported the hapless migrant workers, the needy, the poor and the unfortunate that lamented the lockdown”.  ____ The Poet

About the Translator

Dr. J.Bheemaiah, Associate Professor, teaches Comparative Literature at the Centre for Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad. He has published five books and one on English translation of Dalit poetry. To his credit, a number of research articles have been published both in reputed journals and edited volumes on the issues of marginalised people. He Coordinated a UGC Remedial English Programme for SC, ST, OBC and Minority Students.

Dr. J. Bheemaiah