The University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved Special Assistance Programme grants worth Rs:4.75 Crores to the Hyderabad (UoH).  The status of the departments was reviewed by the UGC and the grants have been recommended for the following Schools/Departments/Centres.

·         School of Management Studies: Rs:37 lakhs (DRS-I to DRS II)

·         School of Economics: Rs:80 lakhs (DSA-III to CAS-I)

·         S.N. School of Arts & Communication: Rs: 58.75 lakhs (DRS-III to DSA-I)

·     Under the School of Humanities the Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies: Rs: 50 lakhs (DRS-II to DSA-I)

and the Department of Philosophy:   Rs: 75 lakhs (DSA-II to DSA-III)

·         Under the School of Social Sciences the Department of Political Science: Rs:100 lakhs (DSA-III to CAS-I)

and the Department of Sociology: Rs: 75 lakhs (DSA-I to DSA-II) .

The UoH has been performing well in the area of research activities with more than 250 projects on hand and 15 approved patents. The research activities at the various departments in the university show a growing competitive and healthy academic environment fostering interdisciplinary research. Recently, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) had approved Rs:32.8 crore grants under the second award for the Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE) scheme for UoH. Rs:30 crores were sanctioned in the first award in 2009 under the same scheme.