Public Health Innovations Conclave 2021 a three-day event dedicated to innovation, technology and best practices in public health was organised on 14th November 2021.

The conclave had its theme as “Life after Pandemic” and brought together academia, industry leaders, clinicians, innovators, exhibitors, public health policy makers, government officials and delegates from various states. The event was a collaborative effort by Infection Control Academy of India, HITEX, University of Hyderabad, PHFI, WHO, UNICEF, IMA, CAHO and 30 other prominent organizations committed to public health improvements.

Each of three conference days were dedicated to one topic:

  • Day 1– Inauguration and prevention and control of Infectious Diseases;
  • Day 2 – Long Covid and Non Communicable Diseases;
  • Day 3 – Digital health.

The expo was inaugurated by Prof  BJ Rao, Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad, Dr. D. Nageswara Reddy eminent gastroenterologist and founder AIG, Dr Anuj Sharma Technical Officer, AMR, WHO country office,  Dr. Ranga Reddy Burri, Honorary Professor, School of Medical Sciences, UoH & Chairman of the PHIC Conference and other dignitaries. The School of Medical Sciences, UoH were a major contributor to the deliberations of the conclave.

In his welcome address Dr Ranga Reddy, mentioned Covid-19 provided us with an opportunity to discover new innovative approaches for healthcare delivery to promote accessibility, availability, and affordability of quality care. He also emphasised the growing role of digital health in shaping the future landscape of healthcare to improve patient safety, surveillance, diagnostics, disease management and preparedness of future health emergencies.

Prof BJ Rao called upon the participants, public health specialists and innovators to ramp up their work and make the country self-reliant. He wondered why such important programs are limited to only a handful metro cities. He emphasized the need to for involving innovators from the rural and semi urban parts of country to leverage their strengths for the good of the country. Prof Rao desired to see that the outcomes of this conclave should help improve healthcare in India and in the world.

Dr Nageswara Reddy optimistically predicted that the current pandemic will end by early 2022. Covid19 offered the platform and the opportunity to innovate and brought in significant changes in the ways health care is delivered. Going ahead, innovations are critical to make quality healthcare inexpensive and yet very effective. He opined that even a mediocre product developed locally and made available at optimal price is better than world best product at high cost and long lead time.

Dr Anuj Sharma, warned that while there is a lot of attention given to Covid19, and other critical conditions are being ignored. He highlighted the emerging public health problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which is a silent pandemic and can cause significant damage to the health systems. He stressed the need for all states to have a comprehensive plan to combat AMR. He advised general public to continue with the covid appropriate behaviour keeping in mind 3 W’s (wear mask, watch distance and wash hands) and 2 V’s (ventilation and Vaccination)

The innovators from about 40 incubators showcased their innovative products and services that equip organizations to ensure the health and safety of individuals and the community.

Leading companies showcased products and services, innovations, technological progress, latest trends pertaining to prevention and control of communicable (infectious) diseases & non-communicable diseases, healthcare system, management of health services, environmental health, community health, occupational safety, etc digital health categories.

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