In a vibrant display of cross-cultural collaboration, students from Kashmir University actively engaged in the Education cum Cultural Exchange Program under the Viksit Bharat Initiative, marking a significant visit to the University of Hyderabad on 18-01-2024.



The program unfolded with the screening of the inspiring Viksit Bharat promotional video, setting the stage for a comprehensive presentation by Dr. Devesh Nigam, Registrar of the University of Hyderabad. Dr. Nigam provided valuable insights into the education landscape, showcasing the University’s diverse activities and noteworthy achievements.




Prof. Basuthkar Jagadeeshwar Rao, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad, emphasized the pivotal role of universities in Jammu and Kashmir in exploring opportunities beyond regional borders. He underscored the broader scope of education, highlighting its cultural exchange facets, the exchange of ideas, and the connective power that contributes to knowledge dissemination. Prof. Rao expressed his eagerness to formalize collaboration with the University of Kashmir, proposing key collaborative fields. He extended heartfelt gratitude to the Kashmir University authorities for their facilitation of the students’ visit.



Dr. Shahid Ali Khan, Tour Incharge, and Cultural Officer at the University of Kashmir, conveyed sincere appreciation to the University of Hyderabad and advocated for reciprocal visits. Shahid proposed that student delegations from Hyderabad explore the beauty, nature, history, and culture of Kashmir. Emphasizing the visionary leadership of Prof. Nilofer Khan, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, under the Viksit Bharat @2047 initiative, Shahid extended gratitude on behalf of Dr. Nisar A Mir, Registrar, University of Kashmir, and Prof. Aneesa Shafi, the Dean of Students Welfare. Heartfelt thanks were conveyed to the Hyderabad University Authorities for their warm hospitality and their pivotal role in facilitating a successful University tour and interactive session with the Kashmir University delegation.



The educational odyssey continued as the team explored the School of Management Studies at the University of Hyderabad, gaining valuable insights into a spectrum of courses, research initiatives, and dynamic activities. The Dean of the Management Faculty, University of Hyderabad, Prof. Jessica, graciously facilitated the visit, further fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas among Shahid Ali Khan, other University staff, and the student delegation. Prof. Chetan Srivastava, Director, Office for International Affairs, University of Hyderabad, along with other faculty members of School of Management Studies, interacted with the delegation.



This collaborative venture exemplifies the spirit of Viksit Bharat, encouraging cultural exchange, academic exploration, and the establishment of enduring connections between institutions. The University of Kashmir and the University of Hyderabad look forward to furthering this partnership in the pursuit of academic excellence and global understanding.