Dr. Markandeya Gorantla, CMD of ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd., and Dr. V.B. Reddy, Executive Director of ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd., have received an award for Excellence in Science & Engineering Award by the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI). Both distinguished alumni of Nizam College and the University of Hyderabad (UoH). Dr. Gorantla and Dr. Reddy who did PhD in Plant Science from UoH have been recognized for their groundbreaking work in agricultural biotechnology, particularly their innovative “Insect Family Planning” approach to disrupt pest mating cycles and protect crops.
Dr. Gorantla, a visionary in his field, has been instrumental in advancing eco-friendly agricultural practices. With 14 patents granted and 12 more filed in India, he has ambitious plans to file over 200 patents globally. ATGC Biotech, co-founded by Dr. Gorantla along with Dr. V.B. Reddy and Prof. Arjula R. Reddy, epitomizes the vision of creating a pesticide-free world. The company boasts a pheromone library of over 100 compounds and a 100+ member R&D team, validated by nine multinational corporations across continents.
One of Dr. Gorantla’s notable achievements includes the development of the world’s first small farm Mating Disruption product, CREMIT PBW, targeting pink bollworm and promoting eco-friendly farming. In Telangana, his launch of Akarsh ME has significantly mitigated fruit fly damage, thereby expanding fruit crop cultivation. As a pioneer in synthetic biology, Dr. Gorantla’s efforts have led to the creation of the world’s first net zero carbon pheromones. His collaborations with DBT, DST, USDA, US Forestry, USISTEF, and USAID have been crucial in managing pheromones to control insect epidemics globally.
Dr. Gorantla’s innovations are pivotal in addressing key pests in India, such as the Pink Bollworm and Fall Armyworm, driving sustainable agricultural transformation. His work at ATGC Agri Biotech Innovation Square in Genome Valley, Hyderabad, has positioned Telangana as a leader in agricultural biotechnology, supporting the state’s vision for sustainable agricultural practices.
Dr. Gorantla and Dr. V.B. Reddy received the award from Shri Duddilla Sridhar Babu, Hon’ble Minister for IT, E&C, Industries & Commerce and Legislative Affairs, Government of Telangana, and an alumnus of both Nizam College and the University of Hyderabad, further adding to the honor and recognition from their alma mater.
The University of Hyderabad extends its heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Gorantla, Dr. V.B. Reddy, and their team at ATGC Biotech for their outstanding contributions to science and engineering, and for their continued efforts in promoting sustainable and innovative agricultural practices.