Three students of College for Integrated Studies (1) Mr. Y Sai Nishanth Reddy, 16IAMH12 pursuing MA (5-Year Integrated) History, 3rd year (2) Anirudh Appala, 16IAMP01 studying MA (5-Year Integrated) Political Science and (3) Siriparapu Sai Durga Ram Prasad, 16IAMP10 pursuing MA (5-Year Integrated) Political Science have been selected for the 21 day Policy Boot Camp workshop in Delhi which is being conducted by Vision India Foundation.

Y Sai Nishanth Reddy

Policy Boot Camp is a 21-day residential program focused on public policy and governance, leadership, and nation-building. It serves as a launch-pad for aspiring public leaders, and policy enthusiasts who are specialists in their respective fields.

Anirudh Appala

150 delegates from all across the nation and the world come together and stay on one campus. The program is graced by over 50 speakers including union ministers, bureaucrats, parliamentarians, grassroots reformers, social leaders, academicians, impact investors, and young achievers. The Policy Boot Camp has been carefully designed to deliver holistic learning, exposure, and mentorship to the future leadership of the nation.

Siriparapu Sai Durga Ram Prasad

Vision India Foundation (VIF) identifies trains and mentors bright young minds to make them agents of change. By investing in young individuals, VIF focus on systemic, long-term reforms by working on public policy, governance and institutional frameworks of the nation.

VIF was founded by alumni and faculty members of various IITs in 2014.