On 24 November 2022, the students of the Corporate Finance class from the School of Economics, University of Hyderabad paid a visit to T-Hub, the largest incubation center in the country located at Raidurg, Hyderabad. This initiative by Dr. Krishna Reddy Chittedi started in the morning at 9 A.M when he along with 20 students left for T-hub after briefing the students about the innovation ecosystem. After reaching there at 10 A.M., the students toured around and understood the architectural significance as it has been raised only on 4 pillars inspired by the Char Minar which in itself is a symbol of innovation.
T- hub, an initiative of the Government of Telangana, leads the innovation ecosystem of India by supporting 6600+ startups by bringing investors and other strategic partners together. Currently, Phase 2 of T-hub is spread over 3.5 lakh sq. feet with a seating capacity of around 950, and 5 out of 10 floors are operational. Other than the infrastructural features explained by Ms. Jyoti, Manager at T-hub, Mr. Srinivas explained that it works on the principle of 6 Ms and 2 Ps i.e. Money, Methodologies, Market Access, Mentorship, Motivation, Manpower, and Partnership, and Policy Advisory. They work across the 6 verticals and with various financial and government institutes like NITI Aayog, TSIC, RICH,etc.  T- hub also scales up the idea to product through their T works facility.
Furthermore, to inspire students and to give them a reality check about the hardships to start a business and finance it, a talk was held by the founders and CEOs of 5 companies including SricharanLakkarju, Rishikesh Kumar, and Ravi Bhogu. They explained their journey of how T hub helped their idea get financed and mentorship at different stages of business. This trip helped students to move beyond the books and gave them an opportunity to learn the practical aspects of the theoretical framework and expand their thinking horizon outside the box.
T-hub is bringing the synergies of academia, startups, investors, and government together to create an overall conducive environment, so that young India doesn’t have to think twice before transforming their ideas into reality. The students of the School of Economics felt inspired and delighted by this insightful visit.