Vantage 2023, the magazine produced by the fourth semester Communication (Media Practice) students as part of their ‘Feature and Analytical Writing’ course, was launched on 26th April, 2023. The launch took place in Classroom-3 of the Department of Communication, SN School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad Vantage 2023 is the 13th edition of the magazine and the second to be published as a website.

This edition focuses on stories from Hyderabad and the people on the margins of the city, highlighting those issues that are unheard and under-reported. The magazine can be viewed at the following link:


In the top row of the picture: Sachin Prasad, T Riya, Fazal Rahim, and Aditya Kaushik                                                                                In the bottom row: Meenakshi, Deepak PN, Anjali Lal Gupta, Ashwita P, and Faris Kallayi