The Junior Science Club (JSC), an organization run by science students of the College for Integrated Studies (CIS), at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) organized Vigyanotsav 2018 on February 3 & 10, 2018. Day two of Vigyanotsav began with the same enthusiasm as it did on the first day. The first event of the day was an engaging lecture by IVS Chanakya, a student of IMSc, Earth Sciences who used simple analogies and interesting facts to throw light on the nature of Science, with focus on the Earth Sciences. This was followed by the much awaited finals of the Debate, Just-a-Minute (J.A.M.) and Quiz competitions. The quiz competition was particularly a grand success, having indulged the audience as well in question rounds.


The afternoon session was abuzz with a different kind of excitement. The students were demonstrated and also given a chance to perform different experiments. From punching Non – Newtonian fluids and making Flubber, to making Elephant’s toothpaste and watching bananas be shattered after being frozen in liquid nitrogen, the students were constantly involved in the experiments. Apart from these, they got to see the levitating properties of super conductors, the chemistry behind oscillating reactions, LASER and Melde’s apparatus to show standing waves. At the end of the demonstrations, the students were brimming with ideas and questions.


The Chief Guest of the Prize distribution ceremony was the Vice-Chancellor, Prof P. Appa Rao. He addressed the students about the true nature of Science, the importance of confidence and knowledge over marks, and the power of curiosity. He also individually interacted with all the students while giving away prizes to the winners of the competitions.


The event concluded with the students gushing about their kindled interest in science and promising to come again with more of their classmates next year.