Three Integrated Masters of Arts (IMA) Students of the Department of Anthropology program have presented original research in the International Humanities and Social Sciences Student Research Colloquium (IHSSRC) 2024 by BITS Pilani (Dubai Campus) in hybrid mode on 25th and 26th April 2024.

Harini S (VIth Semester):

Harini S

Contextualizing the Sexual Woman– Focusing on the translated book Outcaste by Matampu Kunjukuttan. The paper engaged with an exploration of sexuality through the character of Paptikutty from being a chaste woman to being outcasted from her community. The paper discusses the tropes of sexuality, promiscuity and therefore an examination of sexual deviance amongst women.

Brijesh Sahu (IVth Semester):

Brijesh Sahu

Connecting with the Uncontacted– The presentation focused on three of the most secluded and unique tribes and emphasized the importance of studying these tribes through the lens of digital anthropology. The talk explored the integration of modern technology with ancient cultures and highlighted the potential ways in which we can research our ancestors.

Vishal V Kamath (VIth Semester):

Vishal V Kamath

Secularization of religious practices and refashioning of coping mechanisms- The discussion starts with defining what the researcher understands by secularization of religious practices. Then he brings in the practices of Voddo religion and show how many modern secular practices are similar to these. These modern secular practices are being used, by Gen Z as a means to come out of their mental issues.