The University of Hyderabad Campus School recently organized Vision (eye) Screening Camp in association with the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH). The two-day camp was organised under the guidance of Prof. S.V.S. Nageswara Rao, Chairman, Campus School Management Committee, Mr. P Murali, Principal i/C and Teachers of the Campus School. First year Masters Students of Optometry and Vision Sciences volunteered and organized the free eye check-up camp for 404 students of University of Hyderabad Campus School.
Dr. Konda Nagaraju, Ms. Bindu Reddy and Ms. Meghana Mashagalla along with a team of 15 optometry masters students screened the students and provided referrals as required. Six stations were setup for comprehensive eye screening which include registration, history taking, visual acuity for distance and near, objective and subjective refraction, binocular vision screening (colour vision, HBT, cover tests), torch light examination and the management.
The camp was useful as it could identify some students with eye related issues that needed correction. Early diagnosis helped in proper treatment to avoid further issues. The day wise detailed report and few photographs of the camp are placed below.
Total 232(464 eyes) students of 1st (49), 2nd (47), 3rd (42), 4th (73), and 5th (21) classes were screened.
Out of 464 eyes:-
• Simple myopia – 5 eyes
• Simple myopic astigmatism – 5 eyes
• Compound myopic astigmatism – 3 eyes
• Compound hyperopic astigmatism – 7 eyes
• Mixed astigmatism – 9 eyes
• 1 student was diagnosed with VKC,
• 1 student with Blepharitis,
• 1 student with inflamed pterygium
Total 172(344 eyes) students of 2nd (6), 3rd (2), 4th (3), 5th (45), 6th (45) and 7th (55) classes were screened.
Out of 344 eyes: –
• Simple myopia – 6 eyes
• Simple myopic astigmatism – 2 eyes
• Simple hyperopia -2 eyes
• 1 student was diagnosed with VKC,
• 1student with nystagmus, cataract, exotropia, and amblyopia.
• 4 students diagnosed with color vision deficiency
• 1 student with growing nevus
• 1 student with hordeolum