A Two-day National seminar titled ‘Voxology: Embodied Expressions (Exploring the Science and Artistry of Voice in Indian Music)’ was conducted by the Department of Music on 1st and 2nd of February, 2024, with the support of Institution of Eminence, University of Hyderabad.   ‘Naad Nartan’ Journal of Dance and Music, a refereed and peer reviewed UGC CARE Listed Journal was also a part of the event as the publication collaborator.
The Head I/c, Department of Music, Prof. M.S. Siva Raju, inaugurated the event, addressed the distinguished  guests  and  participants,  and  handed over the sessions  to the  Seminar Coordinator,  Dr. Pavani Duddu,  and  Seminar Conveners, Dr. Pragya Pyasi and Dr. Aranyakumar Munenni, the Faculty at Department of Music.  Ms. Sreerangapriya, Ms. Pranathi Vyzarsu and Mr. Sai Sudeep Das, students of the Department of Music, sang the prayer song at the beginning of the Seminar on both the days.
Prof. Ravi Sharma (Former Dean and Head, Department of Music, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak and Chief Editor of ‘Naad Nartan’) was the Expert Guest on both the days of the Seminar and the distinguished Speakers of   the four sessions during this two-day National Seminar were  –   Dr. Shyamala Vinod Kumar (a renowned Carnatic Vocalist, Musicologist, Certified Voxologist and Voice Therapist),    ‘Konnakkol’ Sri Somashekar Jois (Outstanding Vocal Percussive Exponent, Performer, Educator),   Dr. Chaitanya Keshav Kunte (Eminent Hindustani Musician,  a Harmonium Maestro,  Composer and Musicologist) and Dr. V. Phaniendra Kumar (Reputed Laryngologist and Founder President of The Association of Phono Surgeons of India.
The Seminar successfully unfolded a comprehensive exploration of Voice culture, Skills and Techniques in Indian classical music, encompassing Carnatic and Hindustani traditions, regional folk, devotional, and popular music. Enthusiastic Participants from across several universities and institutions in the country with music and science backgrounds presented their research papers and engaged in discussions on a range of sub themes like linguistic perspectives on articulation and diction, the exploration of vocal styles and genres, acoustics, anatomy and physiology of Voice, breathing techniques, gender dynamics, improvisation, speech and language therapy, case studies, psychological aspects of singing and diverse perspectives on Voxology in music pedagogy.  Emphasis was also placed on maintaining vocal health and hygiene, addressing challenges, and exploring remedies. Discussions on the integration of technology provided a rich and multifaceted experience to all the attendees.
The success of the seminar is evident in the thorough exploration of Voxology, offering participants a deeper understanding of the intersection of artistic expression, music traditions, science, linguistics, technology, and communication. The diverse array of topics covered contributed to a holistic appreciation of the multifaceted field, making the seminar a valuable and enriching experience for all participants.
The Seminar was steered by Dr. Pavani Duddu, Seminar Coordinator and Concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Pragya Pyasi, Seminar Convener.   The event was  compered  by Ms. Santhoshini and Ms. Sreerangapriya, and supported by all students of the Department of Music.