Nischaya the Civil Services Society and MMTTC-UOH (formerly HRDC) conducted a special talk series on 24 February 2024. D Divya IAS, Director Municipal Corporation, Prajavai deliberated on the topic titled ‘Women in policy making: Opportunities and Challenges’. Her humble but insightful session inspired several young minds.

She reminded the students that there might be numerous hurdles for women in building up a career in policy making, though, whoever works with full dedication definitely reaches new heights. Her assignment as District Collector in conflict regions of Adilabad and her successful engagements with the local tribal people in promoting peace in the region was highlight of the conversation.

She added, everything cuts across gender and one needs to be firm and effective in ruling out administration. She quoted instances from her career that women need to work extra hard to be heard and appreciated in workspace. She insisted students to always keep in mind that the pen is mightier than sword and who works genuinely and have empathy towards fellowmen will surely succeed in career as well as in life.

It was followed by another panel discussion on the topic ‘India’s Internal Security and its challenges’ with a keynote address by GHP Raju IPS(Retd), Meghalaya and moderated by Shri Ramesh, Director, Centre for Human Security Studies, Hyderabad. Shri GHP Raju IPS extensively outlined the strategic importance of the north-eastern region of India in promoting internal as well as external security. He stressed about the importance of looking upon this region from a security as well as political prism of power.  He mentioned that any disturbances in the land of seven sisters can affect the whole subcontinent, thus, needs to be diligently handled. He delved into conceptual distinctions between categories of Naxalism, Maoism, Insurgency amongst other.

The moderator of the session Shri Ramesh had expressed his views on human security which tends to be an individual centric approach. He brought new dimensions to the discussion emphasising the security in seawater which is to be a defining factor in the coming decades. He recommends the post of a national human security advisor to the Prime Minister which can open up new paradigms in promoting security and peace of the country.

The attendees asked their questions to the speakers which were patiently responded by the guests. The talk session was also chaired by Dr. Krishna Reddy Chittedi, faculty coordinator of Nischaya society. The session ended with the vote of Thanks from Akshaya (IMsc. Life sciences) and Abhigyan (MA Sociology) for the respective sessions. The anchor for the session were Vishal Borode (MA Economics) and Uday Kumar (MA Communications).