The Health Centre at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) organised a Health Walk in the campus in respect of “World Hand Hygiene Day” on 8th May 2015, in coordination with Continental Hospitals.


World Hand Hygiene Day Global Campaign this year is Saves Lives Clean your Hands. The challenge aims to heighten the awareness of both health professionals and the public by reminding them that “everything begins with hand hygiene.”

The walk commenced from the Health Centre and culminated at the administration building. Prof. E Haribabu, Acting Vice-Chancellor also took part in this campaign which aims at preventing infections with good hand hygiene. It was told that hands should be washed with water and soap or lacking those with an alcohol-based solution.


The doctors of Continental hospitals were present at this campaign and they gave tips on washing hands at least before every meal, before preparing food, before handling a newborn or young child, after wiping your nose, after coughing or sneezing, before and after any contact with a sick person, after every trip to the bathroom.

The participants were all excited and they were made aware of the fact that maintaining individual hygiene e.g. washing one’s hands will prevent many contagious diseases.

– Dr. M. Rajasree, CMO & I/c, Health Centre