A Lecture on Writing the History of Medicine was today (27 October 2014) delivered in the evening by given by Prof .Susie Tharu at the School of Social Sciences.

Speaking to an audience comprising of students, faculty and staff, Prof. Susie Tharu said that history gives us the report on gradual development and evolution of medicine from the past. Many people think that the present era is the golden age of medicine. Professionalization of medicine happened in the 19th century where there were alternative practices like Allopathy, Ayurveda, she added.


Further Prof. Tharu stated that unavailability when needed, price beyond the reach of the common man are the crisis in medicine and this is where the government should provide help for the needy and sick people. Prof. Tharu said that India has high risk of diabetic disease and it needs to understand the importance of Social Medicine which involves cleaning the roads especially during natural disasters by administration. Crisis of medicine is due to medical care negligence and the government must see that common man gets access to medicines. Concluding her talk Prof. Tharu said that by studying the medical history we get the analytical solution for the present situation.

Prof. Susie Tharu has taught in the Department of Cultural Studies, The English and Foreign Language University and is a founder member of Anveshi, Research Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad. Co-editor of the two-volume anthology, Women Writing in India, and author of several influential papers, she has been active in the Indian women’s movement.