G. Vasanta Lakshmi, alumna, MA and M.Phil (17SHHL07) in Department of History and presently working as Research Assistant in Centre for Telangana Studies (CTS), Dr. MCR HRD, Govt. of Telangana has recently published her series of edited volumes “Epigraphia Telanganica”, which has 4 volumes. These books are published by Centre for Telangana Studies, Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana, Govt. of Telangana.

These four volumes are:

Volume 1 – Pre-Kakatiya Telangana

It includes the inscriptions from first century AD to those of the Western Chalukyas of Kalyana – overlords of Telangana.

Volume 2 – Imperial Kakatiyas

It includes inscriptions from early Kakatiyas to imperial ruler Kakatiya Ganapatideva

Volume 3 – Decline of Kakatiyas

                        It includes the inscriptions of Rudramadevi and Prataparudra-II.

Volume 4 – Post-Kakatiya Telangana

It includes inscriptions of rulers that succeeded the Kakatiyas up to Nizams/Asif-Jahis.


Epigraphia Telanganica is a work compiling all the published inscriptions belongs to present day Telangana State. It has 2396 inscriptions placed in chronological and dynastical order. The purpose of this set of volumes is to bring together all the published sources of epigraphs concerning Telangana so as to enable scholars to access them easily.


Congratulations and best wishes to G. Vasanta Lakshmi.