School of Medical Sciences is continuing with the tradition of hosting the Yellapragada Subba Row Memorial Oration in University of Hyderabad to honour the signification contributions made by the great clinician scientist whom many consider as an “unsung hero”. His contributions include discovery of the role of phosphocreatine and ATP in muscular activity, developed a method to synthesize Folic acid and Vitamin B9, developed Methotrexate and Heterzan etc.

The 2018 oration was given by another great clinician Scientist Dr Himmatrao S Bawaskar- a crusader against snake and scorpion bites and who is an authority on diagnosing and treating these cases that lead to marked reduction in the mortality. Dr Bawaskar comes from a humble background from a village in Maharasthra and till date continues to dedicate his life to serve the poor free of cost in his village.

He found out that heart failure due to the sting was similar to a refractory heart failure like condition and decided to use Sodium Nitroprusside for sting-related heart failure and was successful in managing many cases! Interestingly his paper on 51 cases of scorpion stings which was submitted to Indian journal rejected for editorial reasons like “English writing not good enough” was later sent to Lancet and received a response within 8 days that the report was accepted with minor changes and published in 1982. Subsequently he continued to publish extensively with more than 80 publications with 20 plus papers in Lancet.

His passionate lecture highlighted three important things that could be a source of inspiration to the new generation- that lack of resources should not hinder one from meticulous record keeping and publishing the clinical data, that treating poor in rural villages is the need of the hour and to continue to learn like a student all through your life. His lecture conducted at the Seminar hall of School of Life sciences was attended by nearly 200 students who were impressed by his vast knowledge, passion and humour!

For medical students he is the “real hero”

Prof. Prakash Babu, Pro Vice Chancellor and In-charge Dean, School of Life Sciences presided. Dr. K Geeta Vemuganti of Medical Sciences introduced the distinguished guest while Dr. Rishi Bharadwaj proposed the vote of thanks.

The talk was attended by a large number of students, faculty and staff.