by Vishal Diwan, student of MA – Communication 2007-09

One of the best things to happen in my life was to get an admission at the University of Hyderabad more commonly known as the Hyderabad Central University (HCU).  I did M.A. – Communication from S.N. School of Arts and Communication from 2007-09.


Vishal Diwan

These two years were the most exciting time of my life.  There was so much learning happening every day that now it has become an addiction. We were engaged in writing articles for newspapers, making music video, making documentary films etc.  It was amazing to play with the Video Camera and come out with something meaningful. I am so happy to be part of the S N School and you can take a look at one of our University Project at

I just loved the culture of HCU.  It is so full of learning.  Green everywhere, the campus was full of life.  On the University campus we could see students from all over India learning together about each other’s culture, lifestyle and festivals etc.

The University keeps inviting famous and successful people.  This provides vast exposure for the students.  Students get to listen to the best in the Industry. I had the opportunity to meet Gulzar Saab, Atul Kulkarni (Rang De Basanti fame), Stalin K (Maker of India Untouched Documentary) and many other successful people from all walks of Life during my stay at the University.

I miss the Movie screening that used to take place in the DST Auditorium. I also miss the mind opening learning and discussion that we students used to have over a cup of chai.


It was a never in my dreams to pen a book but it was a pleasant surprise when it was published. Yes my first book ‘Road to MNC’ is published and I am very happy to share that this book is mainly to help students who want to work with Multinational Companies and be financially independent.

To know more about the book kindly visit

It has always been my mantra – Build Yourself and Build Others. Work hard and be cheerful always, success will be yours.