8th March has been declared as International Women’s Day so that women can enjoy their right to control and benefit from the resources, assets, income and take some time out to manage risks and improve their economic status. It can also be called as Civil Awareness Day.

On 8th March 2021, the President of the Women’s Forum, University of Hyderabad, Smt. Vidya Rani had organized International Women’s Day Celebrations at the Women’s Forum office with Dr. Anupama T. Row, Medical Officer, Health Centre as Chief Guest. A number of women employees attended the function.

Dr. Anupama T. Row delivered an inspiring talk. She said that it has been over a century that the International Women’s Day is being celebrated. We have made our point and now is the time to move on. We must break the myth that we are Super Women. We must not feel guilty to look after ourselves, to spend some ‘me’ time. This is even more relevant in the Indian context.

She motivated the women by asking them to be aware of their surroundings, their rights. She pointed out that we, as women, should take charge of our lives and try not to depend on someone else. We must set a precedence which will benefit the future generations of women. Dr. Anupama also cautioned them about the importance of health, especially during these difficult times of Covid-19.

Forum organized small games for the ladies. Women employees participated in the games and won prizes. Prizes were distributed to the winners – Smt. Sunitha, Smt. Vidya Rani and Smt. Vijaya Lakshmi. All the ladies enjoyed their day and shared each other’s happiness.