Coherence 2017 was kicked off in good spirit, with the Vice-Chancellor Prof. P. Appa Rao, University of Hyderabad (UoH) addressing the students about the importance of a platform such as Coherence that erases the boundaries between students of different disciplines.


The student presentations that followed were diverse and informative. In between the sessions were the Camp Diaries, where students who attended various camps talked about their experience and the application process.


The second day of Coherence started off with a short documentary screening, followed by more student presentations. The Keynote Address was delivered by Prof. K. Rajyarama, HoD, Centre for Applied Linguistics, School of Humanities who elaborated on the versatility and interdisciplinarity of the Language Sciences.


After the last session of presentations and Camp Diaries, a short cultural programme was showcased, which relaxed the audience and presenters after a long day. The event came to an end with the distribution of prizes for the winners of the Pre-Coherence events as well as for the winners of the Best Presenters.

-by Navanith Krishnan P K