From 25th to 27th February, the School of Physics , University of Hyderabad held a conference on “Advances in quantum Theory” to felicitate Prof. A.K Kapoor on his superannuation from the University.

DSC_0007The theme of the conference was chosen to highlight the subject closest to Prof. A.K. Kapoor’s heart, Quantum Mechanics , which he has taught to at least 30 batches of students in the School of Physics. From the M.Sc class of 1980 to that of 2013, many students have taken up careers involving quantum physics because of Prof. Kapoor’s training. Although , the great physicist Richard Feynman once said “Nobody understands Quantum Mechanics”, within the limits of the uncertainty principle, Prof. Kapoor comes very close to it. A good teacher affects eternity, it is hard to say when his or her influence stops. This wall well evidenced in the Felicitation function which formed part of the program. Stalwarts of physics like Prof. G. Rajasekheran, Prof. H.S. Mani, Prof. Divakaran, D. P . Roy and Prof. R. Ramachandran, who were teachers of Prof. Kapoor extolled his commitment to Physics. Colleagues and fellow Students like Prof. M. S. Sriram, Prof. S. Lakshmibala, Prof. H. Sharatchandra, Prof Avinash Khare, Prof. A.P. Pathak, Prof. Durgaprasad, Prof. Sushanta DuttaGupta, Prof. Kulkarni and Prof. V.K. Agarwal recalled their association with him. The highlight of the function were the tributes paid , through touching speeches and poetry , by his former students, from the first Ph.D to the last M.Sc and IMSc, on how they learnt the beauty of Physics though the lectures that were so painstakingly prepared by Prof. Kapoor in his 35 years of teaching at the University of Hyderabad.

DSC_0016The conference had a cornucopia of talks including the INFOSYS lecture on “Matter out of Equilibrium” by Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy , Director TIFR, Hyderabad Campus.The spirit of this energetic and motivating talk was in consonance with the active spirit of teaching that Prof. Kapoor embodies. The topics ranged from Stochastic Processes, Gravity, Mathematical Physics, quantum statistical Mechanics to Physics Education. Prof. M. Sriram gave a popular lecture on `Eclipse calculations in ancient Indian  astronomy texts’, which highlighted the forgotten Indian contribution to science.

The conference was attended by scientists and students across the country.