In order to streamline official correspondence within the University, the faculty and staff are requested to use email id’s either as or There has been a spate of emails from other domains (,,, etc.) which are being shown under SPAM. In addition, there is also a directive from the Ministry of Home Affairs cautioning the institutions against the use of the alternate servers, and asking the University to migrate to something more secure.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology is presently drafting a policy on e-mail usage in government offices which could ban private e-mail services for official communication. In view of the above facts, it is once again requested that the University fraternity may strictly use e-mail IDs like or for all official communication.

Please note that these email addresses once given will remain valid in perpetuation, so there need be no concerns on that count.


It is suggested that all the faculty and non-teaching staff who do not have official mail-ids may apply for one from the Campus Network Facility (CNF) immediately.

Forms are available at: