The Department of Sanskrit Studies, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad (UoH) has celebrated Dhanvantari Jayanti on October 28, 2016, at the School of Humanities.

Prof. Kavi Narayana Murthy from the School of Computer and Information Sciences was the Chief Guest who spoke on “Ayurvedic Principles: in Theory and Practice”. While speaking at the event Prof. Murthy said that Ayurveda strongly advocates prevention of any disease at first place. If a disease is diagnosed treatment differs from person to person, as various factors such as genetically, climatic, phenomena of one’s body etc., play a vital role. In such a case, the constitution of the person determines the kind treatment. In present scenario, in each and every aspect, day to day needful things are prone to adulteration, pollution, pesticides, chemicals, artificial additives, preservatives, etc., which are the major causes for chronic diseases like cancer and so on.

Prof. Murthy opined that to avoid all such adverse conditions, it is a duty of every individual to be close to ‘nature’ to the extent possible. Ayurveda has got abundant information on correcting lifestyle based on spatio-temporal changes. Also, he pointed out that ‘thought pollution’ is more harmful than physical pollution. He also clarified the doubts raised by Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Scholars.

Earlier Mr. Sanjeeva Pancal welcomed the gathering and Dr. JSRA Prasad, Head of the Department, Chaired the session and gave a brief introduction about Dhanvantari Jayanti, which is declared as National Ayurveda Day, by the Govt. of India. He suggested that this could be the international health day too, as this science is thousand years old. Dr. R. Anupama proposed the vote of thanks.