Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Sahoo, a Doctoral Research Scholar from the Department of Sociology, University of Hyderabad working with Prof. C Raghava Reddy, is invited to present virtually his paper titled “Mapping Digital Technology and Social Media: The Impact of the Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) on Youth in Odisha, India.”

The 13th edition of the Slovenian Social Science Conference: “Digital Society and Sustainability”, is organised by Slovenian National Committee of the UNESCO Management of Social Transformations Program (MOST), and School of Advanced Social Studies, Nova Gorica, Slovenia in cooperation with Slovenian Social Science Association and International Sociological Association (ISA): Junior Sociologists Network from 11-13 November 2021.

The Slovenian Social Science conference is a conference with international participation, organized by SASS since 2009. Every year the event attracts distinguished international and domestic guests, internationally renowned social scientists, and many young researchers at the beginning of their careers.

Mr. Dhirendra Sahoo’s research work focuses on examining the interface between ICTs and citizens in general and rural people in particular, ICTs in e-Governance, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Divide.