Dr Ranga Reddy Burri, a globally recognized expert in Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) & Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and Honorary Professor, School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad has been recognised for his extensive & dedicated work through his appointment to the Expert Advisory Committee for AMR for a tenure of three years by DST, Government of India.

Dr Ranga Reddy Burri

Anti-microbial resistance [AMR] is a global, multi-factorial problem with immense complexity today. This phenomenon is not only intrinsically linked to human health and behaviour, but also inherently connected with the entire ecosystem including animal health, food production, agriculture, and the environment – “One Health”. There have been significant international efforts and Indian efforts to counter the threat of AMR by incentivizing and promoting innovative drug discovery programs targeting the “ESKAPE pathogens”.


To combat the escalating menace of AMR, to develop the small molecules for the management of AMR, and to promote indigenous antibiotic discovery, DST, GoI has constituted this important Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) for AMR of Therapeutic Chemicals program.


The School of Medical Sciences represented by Prof. B.R.Shamanna and Dr. M.Varalakshmi and Infection Control Academy of India (IFCAI) of which Dr.Ranga Reddy Burri is the President have been running a very much sought after Diploma in Infection Prevention Control program of 1-year through the Centre for Distance and Virtual Learning, UoH since 2020-21. This incidentally coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic and the current batch has close to 75 learners; many of whom are senior health care professionals; with at least 15% international students. Till now about 100 students have been successful and they have spearheaded IPC activities globally.


The successive Deans of the School of Medical Sciences, UoH – Prof Geeta K Vemuganti and Prof. Prakash Babu Phanithi provided the needed support and encouragement with both the previous VC, Prof Appa Rao Podile and current VC Prof. B.J Rao continuing the association of UoH with IFCAI. Dr. Ranga Reddy also sits on the DRC of Ph.D scholars of Public Health stream of Health Sciences of the school and organises many advocacy events for the campus.