Dr. Shree Deepa, Associate professor, and Mr. Amaratheja Ambati, a Ph.D. research scholar from the Centre for English Language Studies (CELS), University of Hyderabad (UoH), presented a poster at the National Youth Conference on Indian Knowledge Systems (NYCIKS2023), held at IIT Roorkee from 25th August to 27th August. Different keynote speeches from dignitaries across India were given during the conference, and participants presented 240 posters in four sessions.

The poster titled “Samvad System of Questioning in English Language Classrooms under the Anthrogogic Setup” was displayed and presented at poster presentation session four at the conference by Amaratheja Ambati.

About the poster:

The poster primarily focuses on how the Samvad type of questioning techniques are introduced and explored in an anthrogogic (mainstream higher education) setup in English language classrooms. Further, this poster explores how essential it is to use the Samvad questioning techniques among adult learners to construct knowledge in real-life experiences. The poster discusses how anthrogogic learning contexts are more reliable and relevant in emerging practices of English language teaching among adult learners. Finally, the study investigates the art of framing questions to enhance and teach real-life experiential knowledge through Samvad mode.

Dr. Shree Deepa teaches at the Center for English Language Studies, University of Hyderabad. Her teaching and research interests lie at the intersections of ELS, language teaching, teacher training, pronunciation, inclusivity, indic education, materials production, syllabus design, and testing.

Amaratheja Ambati, a Ph.D. researcher working under the supervision of Dr. Shree Deepa.