As part of the Earth Day, Senior Horticulturist Shri Chandra Prakash Sharma, at University of Hyderabad (UoH) along with Mr. Rohit Kumar Bondugula, Research Scholar of School of Computer and Information Sciences, and other students, faculty of the university have taken up the initiation of plantation drive on April 22nd 2020 in the campus. The UoH campus is rich in flora and fauna, home to over 734 flower plants, ten species of mammals, fifteen species of reptiles, and 220 species of birds. The University is adorned with beautiful lakes that include the Peacock lake, Buffalo lake and Parrot Lake.

Addressing the volunteers, Dean- Students’ Welfare (DSW) Prof RS Sarraju said “ Amid the Corona Lockdown, University of Hyderabad students and faculty,  Towards Better India and Students for Development organizations have been regularly feeding the wildlife and stray dogs and also urged that it’s our responsibility to preserve the biodiversity of the campus. He appreciated the horticulture staff who are regularly watering all the trees planted across the campus.

“Spread over more than 2000 acres with its green lush campus, University of Hyderabad can be called as “the lung space” of Hyderabad”, said Dr Nagamani, faculty from School of Computer and Information Sciences. 

Dr. Krishna Reddy, faculty from School of Economics said “During this Covid Lockdown, we witnessed a climate change, and it’s a message to everyone that we have to preserve the planet by plantation of trees and afforestation activities.

Chief Security Officer, Shri Jalandhar Reddy said “To overcome the global warming, we have to encourage the plantation drives,” He appreciated the security staff for regularly patrolling into the forest to protect the wildlife and the students who are regularly feeding the wildlife and stray dogs. 

Addressing the UoH Community, Rohit said, “Everything we do affects not only us, but also our fragile planet. Let’s wake up and notice what our planet is silently talking to us. Save the Biodiversity, Save the earth, for we should be the Guardians of Mother Earth. Let’s pledge to preserve our planet for future generations of all living beings.”  

Senior Horticulturist CP Sharma said “Previously we did many plantation drives with the help of GHMC and CGI, one recent drive was Miyawalki Plantation drive. We are planning to do the plantation drive in a large scale in early June, the idea is to plant a thick forest which serves like a canopy of trees for wildlife.”

There are several concrete water tubs which were deployed by our Wild Lens team and UoH Administration in the past. With the help of horticulture department, UoH Security and forest guards are regularly filling water in the concrete water tubs which serves as the water source for spotted deers, wild boars and other wildlife in the forest. 

The UoH student volunteers who are regularly feeding the stray dogs are Venkata Siddhu, Akash Bhati, Vijay Singh, Mani Varma, Rajashekar Srigadde among others. 

The Organizing team is thankful to the Dean, Students’ Welfare Prof RS Sarraju for constant support, Horticulture wing; staff Shri CP Sharma, Shri V Subba Rao, Shri Ramchander, Shri Chandra Shekar, Shri Rajender, Shri Valiya Naik for their continuous efforts in arranging water for wildlife and regularly watering plants in the campus. Chief Security Officers Shri Bharanidharan, Shri Jalandhar, Forest Supervisor Shri Ravinder Reddy and guards Shri Prasad, Shri Govind, Shri Ram Singh, Shri Digambar, Shri Shivaji and Shri Ashok have been a constant support in the conservation activities taken up in the University campus.