Nagaraju Asilety who has successfully completed his Ph.D. in Telugu from University of Hyderabad (UoH) recently is visually challenged. However this has not deterred him from focusing on his goal in Life. He aims to be a teacher in Telugu and proudly believes that Education has been his weapon in realizing the dreams and goals he has.

Prof. Tummala Ramakrishna who is Nagaraju’s supervisor says, “Asilety Nagaraju is known to me for the last 10 years. He did his M.A. in Telugu at UoH. He has also done his Ph.D under my guidance on “Telugu short story- Samskaranodyama Prabhava Chitrana” (Gurajada Vishwantha, Sripada, Chalam, Bapiraju). Though he is a visually challenged, he never thinks about his disability. He has collected so many rare books from various libraries. He presented two-three xerox copies which are not in my personal library. He is a very sincere and committed research scholar. He had very good qualities which has helped him to have a good circle of caring and wonderful friends. In the History of Telugu Department, Nagaraju is the first person who has been awarded Ph.D., in the category of visually challenged. I wish all the success in his career. I feel proud to say Dr. Nagaraju is my student.”

Nagaraju shares his life and dreams with UoH Herald. We at UoH Herald and at the University of Hyderabad feel very proud to have Nagaraju as our student whose achievements are a motivating factor for many students like him not only on our campus but in the society.

UoH Herald wishes him the very best and success in all his future endeavours.

Education is the weapon:

I am Nagaraju Asilety. Papadevi and Kotinagulu are my parents. I have studied upto Xth class in Vijay Mary Integrated Blind School at Vijayawada. Missionary School discipline has influenced me a lot to continue my education. I have completed my intermediate and Graduation (1999-2004) in Andhra Loyala College at Vijayawada. After my graduation I applied for M.A Telugu in University of Hyderabad, worked hard to get the seat (2004-2006). At the same time I qualified UGC-NET in Telugu in 2006.

First Step into Research:

All my friends were struggling to get a seat for M.Phil in the same Department. At the same I too was very enthusiastic to get the seat in M.Phil in the same department. Though I worked hard I didn’t get the seat in M.Phil program. There were no blind students in our department who was pursuing their M.Phil or Ph.D at that time. I did not want to waste time and that’s why I later joined for M.Phil program in Telugu at Telugu University (Rajamundry). I worked on a topic called “AMRUTHA HASTHALU KADHANUSEENLANA” under the guidance of Prof. Yendluri Sudhakar at that University. I completed my M.Phil research in one year. Telugu University selected me for the Dr. Undela Malakonda Reddy Gold Medal for my M.Phil work.

Work hard to Achieve:

The research work of my M.Phil made me to apply for Ph.D in Telugu at H.C.U. I appeared for the entrance exam of Ph.D Telugu and was successful in securing the Ph.D admission in University of Hyderabad. My lifetime dream of getting seat in Ph.D Telugu came true. I started my Ph.D research work on “Telugu Katha Samskaranodhyama Prabhava Citrana” (Gurujada Apparao, Shreepada Subrahmanya Sastry, Gudipati Venkatacalam, Adavi Bapiraju, Vishwanatha Satya Narayana) under the supervision of Prof. Tummala Ramakrishna, Dept of Telugu, University of Hyderabad. His guidance and support made me to complete my Ph.D research work in time (i.e 2012). The Ph.D. was confirmed to me in 2013.

About my Ph.D work:

These above mentioned five short story writers succeeded in writing short stories on the problems that were faced by the society (End of the 19th and beginning of 20th century). The main central opinion of these five short stories writings is even applicable to the present 21st century. I have tried to show how samskaranodhyamam has influenced the short story writers to write such kind of stories.


My ambition in life is to become a Professor in Telugu.

Message to Society:

Having any kind of Handicap is not a drawback in one’s life. Never give up because through hard work and perseverance we can overcome any kind of difficulty in life.

By Nagaraju Asilety  Mbl: 9553929394 email:  a.nagarajuphd@gmail.com