A distinguished group of 18 faculty members from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar, visited the University of Hyderabad campus on 24-11-2023 to explore the activities at the DST-Technology Enabling Centre (DST-TEC). The focal point of their exploration was the research facilities, collaborative workspaces, and innovation-driven initiatives at UoH.

The faculty delegation, representing diverse departments of GB Pant University, was warmly welcomed with an opening address by Dr. Shringika Soni at the TIE-U office. Professor GS Prasad, Director of TIE-U and Coordinator of DST-TEC-UoH, addressed the faculty delegation, offering a detailed overview of the university’s academic prowess, achievements, and robust research infrastructure. He highlighted the innovation ecosystem on campus, underscoring the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Speaking about innovation opportunities for faculty members, Prof Prasad said, “We are one of the first universities to start an Incubation Policy and Faculty Enterprise Schemes (FES). It was later followed by several organizations.” Prof Prasad emphasized the fact that in the absence of any centralized guidelines, UoH has its own set of guidelines to support innovation and entrepreneurship for faculty members.

A pivotal session on Technology Transfer was conducted by Dr. D Yogeswar Rao, Director of ASPIRE-UoH. Dr. Rao delved into various aspects of technology transfer, focusing on licensing and the need for original innovation. “Developing our own technologies is crucial for growth and creating wealth for our nation,” he noted. Dr Rao also shared informative insights on many aspects that should be necessary knowledge for science and technology innovators going forward. He delved into the importance of Intellectual Property issues, the cost of development & pricing of technology, legal aspects of technology transfer, and more. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, allowing the GB Pant faculty group to delve deeper into the intricacies of technology transfer and IP.

The faculty group then visited ASPIRE-UoH at the School of Life Sciences, where they interacted with faculty members – Dr. Rahul Kumar (Department of Plant Sciences), and startup founders – Dr. Kishore/ Dr. Praveen (Arthro Biotech), and Dr. V Sashi Bhushan (Convergent BioSciences). The interaction was followed by a tour of the incubation centers at ASPIRE, concluding at ASPIRE Networking Centre.

The visit unfolded with engaging sessions, live demonstrations, and insightful discussions that provided a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape and entrepreneurial spirit thriving at the UoH.

This exchange between GB Pant University and the University of Hyderabad exemplifies a commitment to knowledge-sharing, innovation, and fostering a collaborative spirit between academic institutions.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Sunil (DST-UoH-TEC), Dr. Ram Prasad and Ms. Sreshta (DST-UoH-CPR), Dr. Rama Krishna (CEO, SPIRE-TBI) and Dr. Anil (COO, ASPIRE-BioNEST).