The University of Hyderabad organized a Distinguished Lecture on “Fostering Innovation for Better World with Materials Engineering” by Dr. Omkaram (Om) Nalamasu, President, Applied Ventures and Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Applied Materials, Inc.,3050 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Dr. Om Nalamasu, recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award of the University of Hyderabad for 2019 was presented the award by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. B. J. Rao on 17th February 2023, which was followed by a lecture by the awardee. This award is given to graduates of UoH who have distinguished themselves in exemplifying the vision of the University to disseminate and advance knowledge. Dr. Nalamasu attended the University of Hyderabad from 1978 to 1980, graduating with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Chemistry.

The university has recognized Dr. Nalamasu’s outstanding leadership contributions to innovations in Research, Technology, Education and Entrepreneurship in an exceptional career spanning over 30 years in leading Industry and academia.  This award is particularly meaningful to Dr. Nalamasu as he mentioned during his talk “I am humbled and honored to be chosen to receive the 2019 University of Hyderabad Distinguished Alumnus award.  Coming from a rural area in Telangana to the university truly opened the doors for me to an exciting world of science, the beauty of scientific discovery, and a world of exciting possibilities.

The faculty have taught me to think critically, and creatively and demonstrated what passion for scientific research looks like with their commitment to pursue research in India (not easy in those days).  Small class size, unique rural and secluded environment in Gachi Bowli campus have fostered comradery leading to lifelong friendships with fellow students, and close interactions with faculty.”

During his talk Dr. Nalamasu spoke about how for about 50 years, Applied Materials has been at the forefront of driving new technology and the digital age, through advances in materials engineering in semiconductor, display and solar photovoltaics manufacturing. The main focus of their work in Materials Engineering was focused on developing technology that can atomically engineer (deposit, remove, modify and measure) thin films on an industrial scale. Dr. Nalamasu stated that Materials engineering enabled Moore’s law and Semiconductors have become the foundational building blocks of modern industrial economy. He predicted that in the 50 years ahead, he expects even more radical innovation as developments in materials engineering bring together the digital and physical worlds. In this direction, developments are taking place which enable next-generation integrated circuits, displays and advanced sensors, while simultaneously laying the foundation for revolutions in Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Transportation, Digital Manufacturing and Healthcare. He talked in further detail about the role of materials engineering technologies in creating a world of abundance by addressing critical problems in Clean Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Transportation, Digital Manufacturing and Healthcare through entrepreneurship, open innovation and partnerships across the ecosystems.