New research Topic Contributed by DST Ramanujan fellow at UoH to Frontiers in Immunology, an International and renowned Journal with Impact factor 5.6

Dr. Hridayesh Prakash, who is working as DST Ramanujan fellow, in the School of Life Sciences, at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has put efforts in introducing a new research topic with Frontiers in Immunology Journal(ISSN :1664-3224). This Journal is well-established and publishes outstanding and cutting edge research in the field of Immunology.

Dr. Prakash holds the expertise of pulmonary infection (chronic / persistent) and immunity, and immunotherapy and with this expertise, he has been able to introduce a new research topic “Sphingolipids / PUFA and Respiratory Syndrome” .


Dr. Prakash shares the role of editor of this new research topic along with Faculty from Cornell University and Pen State University.

The Scope of the topic :

Sphingolipids and PUFA are crucial bioactive molecules and involved in several fundamental and patho-physiological conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, respiratory tract infection and acute lung injuries. Among various intracellular kinases; Sphingosine kinase is crucial and central for Sphingolipids metabolism. SphK-1 is a well-known regulator of intracellular calcium homeostasis, cellular differentiation, innate immunity; apoptosis and cancer while the role of these lipids remains unclear. Sphingosine kinase-1 / has shown some therapeutic importance for controlling pulmonary infection with Mycobacteria and other pulmonary pathogens. Therefore, the current topic is introduced to foster / welcome research activities across the globe targeting various sphingolipids and their derivatives for the effective management of pulmonary infection with pathogenic bacteria, other pulmonary disorders and to discuss the therapeutic benefits of sphingolipid in controlling respiratory syndrome among various research groups/ labs for future collaboration.

This research topic is quite important for the scientific community working in the field of pulmonary disorders like COPD, Asthma, bronchitis, acute and chronic respiratory tract infection and other related ailments.

On behalf of the journal and as the topic editor, Dr. Hridayesh Prakash invites the university community for active participation in the journal through their cutting edge research relevant to this field.

The dead line for the submission is November, 2016.

The link for the research topic can is given below.