The workshop on ‘How to handle exam anxiety’ was organized by the Psychological Counselling Unit, Office of DSW, along with their online partner Your Dost, on 22nd November 2023, at Zakir Hussain building, lecture hall complex. The workshop started with a welcome address by Dy. DSW Dr. N. Rukma Rekha, followed by introduction of the speaker by psychological counselor Mr. Subhash Munoth. The speaker Mrs. Akhila Therese is a Psychologist representing Your Dost team.

The speaker explained the concept of anxiety and exam anxiety very elaborately explaining the physical and psychological symptoms, signs and interacted with the students exchanging their experiences of anxiety related situations during examinations. She explained that exam anxiety is a normal phenomenon which is characterized by a state of apprehension or unease arising out of anticipation or assumptions of failure.  She gave away practical scenarios for speculation and brainstorming by the students. Key examination preparation strategies and techniques were explained in detail about improving focus like ‘Pomodoro technique’, focusing on single task at a time, setting micro deadlines for completion of the content, maintaining a schedule and managing screen distractions.

She also spoke about revision techniques like practicing chunking method, spreading out the topics, scheduling proper breaks etc., to get content retention of the syllabus. She further spoke about managing emotions during examinations by incorporating relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, journaling and self-soothing activities, etc. The overall session was an interactive mode and students showed enthusiasm and participated sharing their perspectives.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Hymavathi, Psychological counsellor.