Right from its inception in 1974, the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been actively working towards fostering a culture of innovation. The institution has been all along democratizing the innovation process, encouraging a future mindset, creating designated innovation space and promoting collaboration in India and abroad.

As a result, 1296 research projects have been granted to the UoH from various agencies right from the year 2010 amounting to approximately a thousand crore (Rs:1000 Crore). This shows the Research Strength of the university which is an Institution of Eminence (From 2019) and among the Top Universities in India.

At UoH, the researchers benefit from access to cutting-edge facilities and resources that empower them to pursue ambitious projects. From advanced laboratories to high-performance computing clusters, the university has invested the infrastructure necessary for groundbreaking research. We believe that providing the right tools is fundamental to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

The research happens in the twelve vibrant schools and our dedicated research facility centres such as Centre for Nano-Technology, Centre for Modelling, Simulation and DesignCentral Instrumentation Laboratory house sophisticated instruments and computing resources to support cutting edge research.

See the facilities available at https://rdc.uohyd.ac.in/facilities.php

Our faculty research expertise is vast and details can be also seen at https://rdc.uohyd.ac.in/expertise.php

The research over the years at UoH has seen 58 Patents being filed out of which 39 have been granted. See the details at https://rdc.uohyd.ac.in/patents.php

There are more than 70 ongoing collaborations with Indian and Global institutions which can be seen at https://rdc.uohyd.ac.in/mou.php

As on 31 March 2024 there are 184 ongoing projects amounting to Rs:125.43 crore with 107 projects sanctioned in the year 2023-24.

The Awards & Recognitions received by 31 Faculty for year 2023-2024 can also be seen at https://rdc.uohyd.ac.in/awards.php

The “Technology, Industrial Liaison and Entrepreneurship Unit (TIE‐U)” at University of Hyderabad will be the knowledge repository of the university and nurture innovation, creativity, intellectual property and entrepreneurship on the campus. Besides, the Unit acts as the face of the University for industrial relations and foster industry – academia interactions. The TIE-U incorporated a Section 8 Company, Association for Scientific Pursuits for Innovative Research Enterprises (ASPIRE) for promoting translation research in the University. All existing incubators and forthcoming incubators will work under Section 8 Company, ASPIRE.

Visit https://dsttec.uohyd.ac.in/tie%e2%80%90u/ for more details.

There is also a separate section on FAQs at https://rdc.uohyd.ac.in/faq.php

For any further queries, suggestions, comments may kindly email to: research@uohyd.ac.in