The University of Hyderabad organized a half day programme on the occasion of the inauguration of 3 semiconductor fab facilities (two in Gujarat and one in Assam) by Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and as part of his address to the nation during the event titled ” India’s Techade-Chips for ViksitBharat” on 13th March, 2024.

The programme held in the Dr. Zakir Hussain Lecture Hall complex and attended by about 150 students, faculty and staff members of the University was organized in two parts, with a session before the Hon. Prime Minister’s address and one session after the speech.

In the first half, Prof. P.A. Govindacharyulu, formerly Director of SCL, Chandigarh and former CEO of GAETEC Hyderabad delivered a talk on the history of the semiconductor fab facilities in India. Prof. M. Ghanashyam Krishna, Head, Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST) and Director IoE, University of Hyderabad spoke about the challenges to self-reliance in the area of semiconductors and the importance of India’s semiconductor mission.

This was followed by a talk on the importance of producing high quality manpower and setting up such fab facilities in the higher education institutions, by Prof. K.C. James Raju, Dean School of Physics and CASEST, University of Hyderabad. He also stressed the need for quick completion of these projects. In the second half, Prof. Samrat L Sabat of CASEST and Director R&D Cell, University of Hyderabad summarized the whole event with a presentation on the semiconductor ecosystem, its various ingredients and current status in India. He also mentioned that CASEST was awarded a project under the Chip-to-startup (C2S) scheme of MEITy.

The programme ended with an interaction between students and speakers of the day.