Innovation is an important aspect for the progress of a society as it is also linked to entrepreneurship.  INNOTAL has correctly emphasised these aspects as part of its objectives. It is in line with the thinking of the UoH and the New Education Policy 2020. In this regard, INNOTAL team of UoH has conducted a one-day online training programme on innovation for the students on 8th October 2021. The participants (9) are from different disciplines. Prof. Siva Prasad who coordinated the workshop made a brief presentation on linking the objectives of the project with inculcating attitude of innovation among the students as it is important for entrepreneurship. A special mention was made on the Talent Co-Creation Lab (TCCL) which is a shared space for academia-industry/public sector/NGOs collaborations to promote innovative ideas.

Mr. Amol Khire is the founder of Innovate India Foundation which is working on creating new jobs via Innovation has conducted the workshop. In his presentation he has covered aspects relating to the process of innovation and generating ideas in detail explaining how ideas can be screened through a structured process for converting them to entrepreneurial activities. He has explained the above through some practical examples very lucidly. The students felt that this workshop, along with the previous one on entrepreneurship, has really inspired them. Prof. J.Prabhakar Rao, Director, India Centre of Excellence in Information Ethics (ICEIE) is the manager of the project.