On the occasion of International Women’s Day a special talk related to Women Empowerment has been convened on March 8th, 2018 at 5 pm at Sir CV Raman Auditorium by the O/o. DSW for the benefit of the University Community. Dr. Sowmya Mishra, IPS, IG Welfare, WPC & CID delivered a talk on “Women Empowerment: An emerging reality” on the occasion. The event was presided by Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. P. Prakash Babu and was coordinated by Dr. G. Padmaja, Dy. Dean, Students’ Welfare. Dr. D.Vijaya Lakshmi, Dy. Chief Warden also participated in the organization of the event.

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Prof. P. Prakash Babu, Pro-Vice Chancellor in his opening remarks lauded the attempts towards creating awareness through such programmes. He highlighted the complexity a woman deals with in every field and at every phase of life and in multiple roles. He said the exemplary qualities of woman such as her energy, empathy, sacrificial nature and her empowerment makes her stand significant and special any day. He pointed to the fact that many women contribute their best to everyone around sacrificing their own health and taking risks which may be detrimental in the long run to their health. He indicated the need for creating awareness among women in both self care and empowerment.

Dr. G. Padmaja, Dy.DSW introduced the special guest Dr. Sowmya Mishra to the audience and explained the significance of the talk arranged on the occasion of International Womens Day.

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Dr. Sowmya Misra in her talk explained in detail the availability and utility of schemes for the protection of women like Bharosa and the app Hawk Eye. She demonstrated through video presentation and subsequently through the posters about the existing schemes meant for the protection of women and how to use them. She emphasized upon the need for alertness in women towards self protection and care and understanding the boundaries to be drawn to control any un-wanted happenings. She pointed to the need for the young generation to be in touch with the latest happenings in the contemporary world through effective utilization of available resources of the present day such as print, electronic and social media, and enhancement of their awareness about ways to empower themselves. She expressed readiness to conduct further programmes with a team of women protection personnel to create further awareness. She talked about several situations where support can be provided such as those related to Eve teasing, Stalking, Indecent representation of women, Outraging modesty of the women, Voyeurism, Sexual harassment, Cruelty, Sexual assault and rape, violent attacks, Cyber crimes, Dowry, Trafficking and harassment of women and acts related to them. She pointed to the role of self confidence in the empowerment of women and exploration of ways to improve confidence. She urged that women be brave and seek help and not hesitate or take a back step.

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Prof. Debashis Acharya, DSW said that empowered women models such as Dr. Sowmya Mishra who created history in her home state as the first woman IPS are to be taken as inspiration by younger generation.

In conclusion of the programme Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Reddy, Dy. Chief Warden summarized the talk of the special guest and thanked her for her valuable message.

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Students, Faculty and staff of University community attended the programme. Prof Darla Venkateswara Rao, Deputy DSW was also present.

Dr. G. Padmaja
Dy. Dean, Students’ Welfare