Jeevan Kumar has won the Best Poster Award sponsored by American Chemical Society at the Indian Conference on Carbon Materials, held at BARC, 30th Nov.23- 2nd Dec 2023. He is a research scholar working in School of Physics under the supervision of Prof. V. Seshu Bai and Dr. A. Rajanikanth. Title of the paper “Fabrication of carbon fibre reinforced YSZ composites by gelcasting into expendable moulds fabricated by rapid prototyping

Work involved development of a process (RPGC process) that enables net-shaping of ceramic and metallic components of complex shapes. It involves gelcasting of free-flowingslurry of Yttria stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) powder into Rapid prototyped moulds, that are expendable. The green bodies are subjected to series of heat-treatments to obtain dense compacts that can find application as bio-implants.

This process enables uniform distribution of secondary phases for improving mechanical properties, and is generic, reproducible and cost-effective.