In the ongoing Covidian Age, classic disease narratives from Daniel Defoe through Mary Shelley to Cormac McCarthy and Stephen King have made a comeback. Explorations of the Arts and Humanities in representing and critiquing pathologies, the “sick role” and medicine, with apocalyptic, extinction, pandemic and other scenarios have also resurfaced. It is in this context that the Dept. of English puts together this Podcast eSeries.

Shakespeare and Contagion
Peter Remien, Lewis-Clark State College, Idaho, USA


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Peter Remien is an Associate Professor of English at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho, USA. His recent book The Concept of Nature in Early Modern English Literature, published by Cambridge University Press, traces a genealogy of ecology in seventeenth-century literature and natural philosophy though the proto-ecological concept of “the oeconomy of nature.” His articles on economic and environmental issues in early modern literature have been published in a number of journals including PMLAModern PhilologySpenser StudiesNotes & QueriesJournal for Early Modern Cultural StudiesStudies in Philology, and Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. He is currently working with Scott Slovic on a co-edited collection focusing broadly on the uses of nature in literary studies and critical theory.
Coordinators: Anna Kurian & Pramod K Nayar