A new book titled ‘Mithak Aur Yatharta Ka Antah Sambandh’ (Myth and Reality: Interconnection) authored by Prof. M. Shyamrao, from the Hindi Department, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been published. This marks his sixth remarkable contribution to the literary world.

Prof. Shyamrao, esteemed faculty member of the Hindi Department, has long been revered for his expertise in the realm of modern Hindi literature. His previous works, including “Muktibodh: Jeevan Sangarsh Banaam Kaava Sangarsh,” “Muktibodh Ke Soudarya Siddhanton ka Vivechan,” “Muktibodh: Fantasy aur Rachana Prakriya,” “Nayi Kavita: Vastu aur Roop tatha Anya Nibandh,” and “Rachana ke Antah Sutron ki Pahachan,” have solidified his reputation as a luminary in the field.

Published by Akshar Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, “Myth and Reality: Interconnection” comprises twelve incisive essays delving into the nuances of modern Hindi poetry. From the timeless verses of Jayshankar Prasad and Sumitranandan Pant to the evocative works of Nirala, Mahadevi Varma, Muktibodh, Agneya, Dinakar, and Raghuvir Sahay, Professor Shyamrao’s exploration spans the breadth of poetic brilliance.

Prof. M. Shyamrao

Divided into two illuminating sections, the book offers critical insights in the first part and showcases excerpts from selected poems in the second. Featuring masterpieces aligned with the essence of Chayavadi Kavita, alongside pivotal creations such as Muktibodh’s “Brahmarakshas,” Agneya’s “Asaadya Veena,” Dinakar’s “Urvashi,” and Raghuveer Sahay’s poetic repertoire, this literary treasure is indispensable for scholars and enthusiasts alike.

In response to the fervent demand from readers, both hardbound and paper-bound editions of this seminal work are being released, ensuring accessibility and dissemination of knowledge to all aspiring scholars, particularly M.A. Hindi students.