Natyagyanam 2024, a celebration of the fusion of art and science, enraptured audiences with a spellbinding showcase where dance served as the conduit to unveil the secrets of science. This unique event witnessed dancers from classical forms such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniattam elegantly translating intricate scientific concepts into breathtaking movements, harmonizing the grace of traditional dance with the profundity of scientific knowledge.



It was organized by the Junior Science Club in affiliation with the College for Integrated Studies, and in collaboration with the Dance Department of Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad.



Natyagyanam 2024 was held on April 6th at the School of Life Sciences Auditorium, University of Hyderabad, starting from 4 PM onwards. Distinguished guests including Prof. Sanjay Subodh, Director of College for Integrated Studies, Prof. M S Siva Raju, Dean of Sarojini Naidu School, and Prof. Anuradha, Head of the Dance Department, graced the event along with faculty co-ordinators of JSC and UoH student community.



Performances: The event featured eight mesmerizing performances, each weaving together the elegance of dance with scientific understanding. Along with it, a small screening of a masterpiece choreography of Chandralekha’s Lilavati which was based on the mathematical questions posed by the historically renowned mathematician Bhaskara to his young daughter Lilavati.





  1. Kathak’s Interpretation of Entropy: Through rhythmic foot and hand movements, Kathak dancers elucidated the concept of entropy in water molecules, showcasing the dynamics of States of Matter.
  2. Mohiniattam’s Tribute to Rain: Gopika Mohan depicted the beauty of rain and its ecological significance through fluid movements, inspiring reflections on water conservation.
  3. Kuchipudi’s Journey of Life: Vaishnavi and Sravya narrated the journey of a foetus from the mother’s womb to the human world through their poignant Kuchipudi performance of Gollakalapam.
  4. Chandrayaan 3: A Contemporary Odyssey: Uday Bharath’s graceful performance transported the audience into the realm of space exploration, reliving the triumph of Chandrayaan 3’s lunar landing.
  5. Navarasa: Sai Amulya and Nihira portrayed the nine rasas, integrating contemporary life scenarios such as ozone depletion, nuclear war, the COVID lockdown etc. through their Kuchipudi performance.
  6. Physics and Mathematics in Kathak: Uday Bharath, along with Sanchi and Yashitha, intertwined physics and mathematics with Kathak dance, illustrating number patterns, angular momentum, torque, and centripetal force through engaging activities.
  7. Mental Health in Motion: Leela Madhavi Ayluru’s classical dance conveyed the nuances of mental health struggles with raw vulnerability and intricate choreography, evoking profound emotions.
  8. Tarana: A Fusion of Science and Culture: The event culminated with a Tarana performance, embodying scientific principles, cultural heritage, and human creativity, while also illustrating the concept of pollination through intricate hand gestures and footwork.



In addition to these performances, a small part of a movie called ‘Lilavati,’ featuring the masterpiece choreography of Chandralekha which was based on the mathematical questions posed by the historically renowned mathematician Bhaskara to his young daughter Lilavati, was included.



Natyagyanam 2024 transcended boundaries, captivating audiences with its seamless blend of art and science. Through graceful movements and enlightened insights, it left an indelible impression, inspiring curiosity and fostering a deeper appreciation for the interplay between creativity and knowledge.