Ms. Pavani Sree, Doctoral student in the Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been selected for presentation a paper at Fourth Biennial Conference on Disability and Disciplines, to be held between 5th and 6th July, 2017 at International conference in the United Kingdoms (UK).

The paper, co-authored by Prof C. Raghava Reddy, faculty in the Department of Sociology is titled as Assistive Technologies and the Myth of Independent Living: A Sociological Understanding of Assistive Technologies for the Locomotor Disabled in India. This is the only paper selected from India.

Ms. Pavani is pursuing her Ph.D. in Sociology Disability in the Department of Sociology, under the supervision of Prof. C. Raghava Reddy.

It is an international conference organized by the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Department of Education at Liverpool Hope University, Hope Park, Liverpool, UK.