The Prime Minister’s Research Fellows of University of Hyderabad, Mr. Chandan Ghorui working with Prof. Anil Kumar Chaudhary at ACRHEM (DIA-CoE) School of Physics, Ms. Mukulika Mandal and Ms. R. Sarada working with Prof. J.S.S Prakash at the School of Life Sciences and Ms. Sumi Rana working with Dr. M Muthamilarasan attended the Annual Symposium of PMRF Fellows 2024, organized at IIT Indore on 3-4 March 2024. They were invited to showcase their PMRF research work in the National level symposium.

Photo Caption from L to R: Ms. Sharada Raghunathan, Mr. Chandan Ghorui, Ms. Sumi Rana and Ms. Mukulika Mandal

Chandan presented his work entitled “Detection of real time hidden metallic objects & measurement of meat Freshness using FMCW THz radar Source”. Chandan and his supervisor Prof. A.K. Chaudhary have taken a commendable step by levelling up this work from lab to market through their own start-up. R. Sarada presented her work entitled “Engineering the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for the bio-production of hydrocarbons.” On optimization, this project would be extended to industrial platform. Mukulika presented her work entitled, “Regulation of hydrogenase complex by a novel sRNA: New insight into bio-hydrogen production in cyanobacteria.”. Her work holds the key to sustainable, clean, green and affordable energy solution as hydrogen has become the cynosure of the world energy system. Sumi Rana presented her work entitled, “Targeted editing of SiIPK1 gene for developing low phytic acid lines of foxtail millet”. Her work uses genome editing to reduce an antinutrient, phytic acid, in foxtail millet. These reduced phytic aid lines will show higher bioavailability of micronutrients, thereby aiding in the mitigation of micronutrient deficiency among human population.

Chandan Ghorui, R. Sarada, Mukulika Mandal, and Sumi Rana express their gratitude to the National PMRF committee, honourable Vice Chancellor, UoH, PMRF coordinator, Dean School of Physics, Director ACRHEM, Dean School of Life Science and University of Hyderabad for supporting their work.