On the occasion World Suicide Prevention Day, the Center for Health Psychology, School of Medical Sciences; Center for Integrated Studies and the Psychological Counselling unit, O/o DSW collectively organized a talk by Dr. Purnima Nagaraja, a prominent psychiatrist on the topic “Positive Thinking and Happy Living” on September 9th,2023 at College for Integrated Studies.

The session started with a welcome and introduction of the speaker by Prof. G. Padmaja, Head Centre for Health Psychology. Dr. Purnima in her highly interactive presentation illustrated the power of positive thinking. She talked about aspects of psychological states such as depression, which can be dealt with by our own thinking and choices to contribute to happy living.

She explained several aspects of negative psychological states, owing to our negative thoughts and how individuals with their own efforts can overcome them. Overall, she insisted on the importance of prioritizing self-love, and that it is normal to have negative emotions along with the positive ones. The trick is all about balancing them.

About 150 students from different disciplines attended the interactive session. They participated with enthusiasm and also asked several questions which she elaborately answered. The session ended with a vote of thanks from Deputy DSW-1, Dr. N. Rukma Rekha.