M. Jayananda

Prof. M. Jayananda, Head-University Centre for Earth and Space Sciences (UCESS), University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been nominated as a Geoscience Advisory Council (GAC) Member for Ministry of Mines, Government of India in recognition of his significant contributions in the field of Geosciences.

During the past 30 years Prof. Jayananda has carried out extensive multidisciplinary research on the southern Peninsular India which immensely contributed to understanding the origin of early continents, interplay of climate and tectonics, resources and environments particularly a shift from anoxic to oxygenated environments. Prior to joining University of Hyderabad he has served as Professor at University of Delhi (2010-2014). He has also served over 15 years in Bangalore University and worked about 6 years in other reputed Universities in France, Japan and Taiwan.

He has served as a member in various national (DST, CSIR, UGC) and international (UNESCO-IUGS) science committees. Prof. Jayananda has also served global scientific community through intellectual leadership by editing journals as Editor-in Chief, Associate Editor and Editorial Board Member of several international and Indian journals. He has participated as a Leader/Co-Leader in global science projects funded by UNESCO-IGCP, JSPS, CNRS and CEFIPRA.
The Centre for Earth & Space Sciences at University of Hyderabad, established in 2004, is focusing academic and research programs on the domains of solid earth, oceans and atmosphere. The centre has focused research programs on dynamics and evolution of the solid Earth, its natural resources, soils and water systems, environment, oceans and atmosphere, and its global biodiversity. Recently new research activities have been initiated in the areas of interplay of climate and tectonics, weather and climate prediction, tropical cyclone modelling, coastal hazards and basin characterization by geophysical data. The Centre is striving to impart competitive and quality teaching in collaboration with various R & D Institutes (Atomic Mineral Directorate, National Geophysical Research Institute, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, National Institute of Ocean Technology), Industry . International collaborations on the thematic issues of national interest and global relevance have also been initiated with reputed institutions such as the University of Oklahoma & Rice University (USA), Universite Aix Marseille, Universite Montpellier and Universite de Paul Sabatier (France), National Taiwan University and University of Western Australia.

Prof. Jayananda can be reached on email: mjayan.geol@gmail.com and Mbl: +91-9560714425 and +91-9448865700